we’re still in this arena,
together we sketch the desire as sweet as honey.,
push away through the obstacle as bitter as bile,.
conscript our sweat as hard as wave breaker..
we had received our successful from what we had saw before..
I’m happy cause the statement as nice as the dream.
but,where have u been gone at that time..
we promised that we’ll share the happiness
and sorrow in our heart together..
is it true u’re jumping happily??
or crying after frustration,??
aren’t you suspicious?
my shoulder always ready to accept everything..
you and me still continue this struggle
for the desire that we have sketch before..
knowledge herald is always refill it’s challenge and anticipation..
unexpectedly u make a mistaken step,
definitely you will regrettable founder on the way..
my massage for you…make the past experience
as the lesson to teach you about the meaning of your life
Sincerely from the breaking heart,

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